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Why Give?

"I support the Dean's Club because it is so effective in providing our dean the discretionary means to make things happen right now, be it for a faculty member or student, it is a powerful change agent."

- Doug Smith (MS CivEngr '75)

Some of the materials presented to Dean's Club members.

The Dean's Club is an exclusive honor reserved for donors who give $1,000 or more annually to the Dean's Fund for Excellence.

The Dean's Fund gives the college's leadership the flexibility to deploy resources where they are needed most. Examples include offering competitive financial packages to students, providing support for faculty teaching and research, and advancing technology available in classrooms and laboratories. 

> View the Dean's Club 2013 Annual Report for information on last year's distributions.

Dean's Club members receive special recognition for their generosity in the form of:

  • Membership pin
  • Recognition in college publications
  • Special communications from the dean
  • Quarterly electronic newsletter

For additional information on the Dean's Club or membership, please contact Amanda Grogan, Development Associate, at 303-492-5814 or

Dean's Club Members, FY 2013-2014

Anonymous (2)
Dereje and Carolyn Agonafer
Lisa Allen
Dana C. and Juliana P. Andersen
Gary R. and Linda L. Anderson
Bruce Steven Anderson
Lee and Gigi Atchison
Clyde H. and Shirley J. Babcock
Richard Dale Baily
James Richard Baldwin
Trent Allen Balke
Samuel L. and Barbara Blocksom Beeler
James M. and Lorelee Urbanek Boyd
John R. Brennand and Robin Riblet
Bradford and Anita Marian Brooks
Gary David and Wendy Rolayne Bryan
Bruce S. Buckland
Donald John and Lizebeth S. Burch
Kent Jon and Susan Marie Burkhardsmeier
Gregg Butterfield
Frank L. and Carol Ida Caldwell
Paul Edward and Megan Cameron
Joseph L. and Beverly Melone Campbell
Joseph N. Cannon, PhD
Eugene N. Catalano
J. Morse Cavender
Duane P. and Viola E. Chesley
Hsing-Chiang Chiang
Kelly Mason Clark
Kevin Patrick and Ann M. Cooney
Douglas G. Daniels and Sally O. Levinson
Robert H. and Shirley Davis
Michael John Denton
Sidney E. Dinner
Frank John Doerner and Betsy G. Fitz
Scott C. and Deanna Donnelly
Pamela Ann Drew and Robert D. Coggeshall
Willam Leroy and Anna Duff
Martin L. and Kelli L. Dunn
Stephen M. and Jennifer Dunn
John S. Durning
Alexandros S. and Lindsey Economou
David L. Evans
Aamir Farid
Larry David and Alison B. Fiedler
William L. Firestone, PhD
David L. and Kathryn Leyes Fischer
Joseph R. Fisher
Wayne C. Foster
William Hideo and Carol Ann Freeman
Michael Eric and Mary Popper From
James L. and Janet M. Gallogly
Bernard G. Gamache
Leonard H. and Catherine M. Gemmill
William Charles and Evelyn Campbell Gilbert
Douglas Lee Gile
Russell Blake Gimlin
Lisa and Trey Louis Glatch
Geoffrey D. Green
Fredrik Julius and Carla Gude
Paul T. and Merry Lynne Hamilton
John Wayne Hanlen, Jr.
Justin Ward Hanson
Ray L. and Connie M. Hauser
Lawrence D. and Rose Ann Hazzard
Robert Joseph and Valerie Wilk Hensle
Daniel L. and Judy M. Hernandez
Michael Jacob and Helen Marie Bartsch Herriage
Stanley Y. and Bunny Linda Ishimoto
Nan E. Joesten and Hank P. Leeper
Arthur Walter and Barbara C. John
David Joseph Kasik
Jenifer Serafin and Aaron Stuart Kennedy
Maurice H. Kent
Paul Thomas Kitze, PhD and Patricia Cole-Kitze
Carin Shirley and Bradley David Knickel
Raymond L. and Sandra J. Kolibaba
Evalyn  Kragh
Arthur J. and Valera Kroese
Corwin H. Lakin
Paul Hun Lee
David William and Barbara M. Lewis
Kevin LiVigni
Leif and Mary Goodbar Lomo
Bartholomew David and Sara Lorang
Mark A. and Mary Sue Lostak
Edward Woolf and Julie Sloan Lowenbaum
Judd E. and Susan M. Lundt
Edward N. and Nancy Jones Madison
Peter A. and Ruth Krebs Mannetti
Diana Lynn Manning and Alan Skranak
H. George and Edithellen L. Marshall
Stephen Todd Marshall
T. Scott and Janet A. Martin
Steven Giles Martini
Paul Michael and Suzanne Masterson
Bruce Howard and Kimberly Elyse Mathers
William B. and Joy Mathews
William Randall and Diana Mayben
Michael Richard and Flora Betancourt McAtee
Dennis Earl McNally and Cynthia Loomis
Douglas Edward and Patricia A. Miller
Roland W. and Carol Miller
John Charles and Susan R. Mollenkopf
Kenneth Nels and Mary S. Monson
Gerald D. and Jane Mordhorst
J.M and Michelle L. Oschmann
Hsiu Chunj Pan and Chia-Chuan Chow
Clifford Lee and Carol Morgan Pearson
K. Scott Perrin and Patricia Nichols-Perrin
Lanny and Carmen Pinchuk
M. Jeanne Place
Richard P. and Arleen Ann Porter
Frank Phillip and Kim Ann Prager
David Allen and Brenda M. Rageth
Gregory Scott Resnick
Ernesto Guillermo and Maria A. Rey
David Barron and Judy Jo Richmond
Fran Rominger
Alfred M. and Mildred Burford Sanders
Paul Frederick and Ellen Glee Scheele
Nathan and Alicia Seidle
Steven N. Semerak
Charles K. and Marion E. Shanks
James Walter and Rosanne D.  Shaw
Ronald A. Sinton
George A. and Mary Ruth Sissel
Douglas Gene and Cynthia S. Smith
Ashok Narain Srivastava, PhD and Lynn Clare Waelde, PhD
Michael G. and Donna L. Stockman
Larry George and Beverly Ann Stolarczyk
Ted and Karen Stone
Tina Lynn Sutermeister
Gary Keith and Gretchen Louise Sutherland
Jeffrey William and Debbie Stewart Tayon
Tarn Brian Thompson
Kathryn Graese and Brett Fisher Tobey
Chantal Veevaete
Tony and Ellen M. Vento
Kenneth A. and Mary Jane Barton Vernon
Herbert Steven and Karen Young Vogel
James William Wade, PhD
Don D. Wallette, Jr.
Vanessa A. and Shea Patrick Williams
Daniel James and Kristin Willis
Michael Kenneth and Julie M. Wirth
John Charles and Beth Ann Nadeau Wojick
E. Robert and Karen Ruth Droller Yoches
George Charles and Olivia Yule
Nick Zajerko-Mckee


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