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I didn't get into the residence hall I wanted. Is there any way I can change now?
Please check with the Housing Department. They can advise you regarding last-minute availability and change requests.

When can I move into the residence hall?
New first-year freshman students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science should check with the Housing Department for move-in date/time.

What exactly does it mean to be in the "Quad" community? Is there a "class" time we need to schedule for?
The Quadrangle Living and Learning Community, or "Quad," is composed of four small residence halls located adjacent to the Engineering Center on the west side.  A computer lab, tutoring, math work groups, and wireless computing access are available in the Quad.  The Quad is a living and learning community, not a Residential Academic Program (RAP), so there are no required courses to enroll in if you live in the Quad.  See the Engineering Quadrangle page on the Department of Housing website for more information.

What is the difference between the Quad and the other residence halls?
The main difference is location and convenience to the Engineering Center.  Your roommate will likely be an engineering, math, or applied science student, which makes for a perfect study partner (though not all residents in the Quad are from these majors, so there is still some variety).  Math work groups, engineering-focused tutoring, and a computer lab with engineering software are also conveniently located on site. 

I'm signed up for a Residential Academic Program (RAP) in another residence hall and will have to take a class through them.  Can this course be applied toward my degree requirements?
Maybe. Let your major department advisor know which course you have to take, and the advisor will see if it is applicable toward your degree requirements.  Because some departmental requirements differ, and the content of RAP courses vary, it's not a guarantee the course will be accepted toward your degree requirements.  But it may still be a worthwhile learning opportunity, and many engineering students take coursework beyond degree requirements. 

I'll have a car when I get to CU.  When and where can I get a parking permit?
Contact the Parking & Transportation Services Office.

Where can I get help to resolve a problem with a professor or another student?
If you are experiencing a conflict with another student or a faculty member, the Ombuds Office on campus can help facilitate a resolution to the conflict.  Rest assured, this office keeps all communications confidential, so it is a very safe place to go if you are having trouble. To make an appointment or obtain additional information, call 303-492-5077, or stop by the Center for Community, Room N440.

If you feel you've been graded unfairly in an engineering course and would like to appeal your final grade, refer to the College Policy on Grade Appeals.

What are some resources if I'm concerned about my health?
Your health (physical and mental) is a serious matter that will dictate your academic performance here at CU-Boulder.  There are a number of free services at Wardenburg Health Center.  Up to seven confidential counseling sessions are available for free from the Counseling & Psychological Services Office in the Center for Community, Room S440.  You need to exercise your body as well as brain, so check out the Recreation Center too.

What about health insurance?
Contact the Wardenburg Health Center.

I have a disability (learning disability, ADHD, physical disability, etc.). What resources are on campus?
Contact or visit the web site of the Disability Services Office, located in the Center for Community, Room N200.

What security precautions are available on campus?
The campus has its own police department and many services that address safety issues on campus, such as:

I have lots of different questions about student life at CU-Boulder. Is there one source where I can get my questions answered?
Absolutely. Visit CU-Boulder's Student Guide.

How do I obtain football game tickets?
Check this link for CU student ticket information.

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