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The Commitment to Excellence Award was established in 2009 as part of the college's efforts to retain excellent staff by creating a supportive work environment. The award is presented twice each year, in June and December, to classified and professional exempt staff who have regular appointments of at least 80 percent in the college, and who celebrated one of their five-year anniversaries of employment with the college in the prior six months. To be selected for the $500 award, the employee must have received the top performance rating for each of the last three years of service to the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Eligible employees are considered for the award automatically; no nomination is required.

Past Recipients

Date Recipients
December 2012 Linda Rose (Dean's Office)
Sarah Melssen (AES)
Stephanie Moris (CS)
Pam Aguila (ECEE)
June 2012 Gretchen Lee (Dean's Office)
Laurels Sessler (EVEN)
December 2011 Morgan Bays (ECEE)
Gwendolyn Miller (CADSWES)
Lesley McDowell (CS)
Dragan Mejic (ChBE)
Frannie Ray-Earle (ChBE)
Adam Sadoff (ECEE)
Courtney Staufer (Dean's Office)
Mary Steiner (Dean's Office)
LaMark Taylor (ITLL)
June 2011 Matt Rhode (AES)
Evan Cantor (CS)
December 2010 Ann Brookover (AES)
Valerie Matthews (ECEE)
Brian Sanders (Space Grant)
Chris Sarris (Dean's Office)
Rebecca Scala (AES)
Tim May (ITLL)
Bernadette Garcia (Space Grant)
Christina Vallejos (CEAE)
Araceli Warren (CEAE)
Jana Murphy (Dean's Office)
Vicki Bain (ME)
Ruth Rindin (ITLL)
June 2010 Laura Vidal (Herbst)
Christopher Schenk (CS)
Deborah Mellblom (AES)
Darren McSweeney (ITLL)
December 2009 Cyndi Alvarado (CEAE)
Ellen Romig (ChBE)
Claire Yang (AES)


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