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Looking for a full list of information, forms, and resources for faculty and staff? Here's a directory with all you need to know. Jump to each letter using the quick links below. Still can't find what you're looking for? Please contact our webmaster.

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A (top)


Academic Calendar

Active Learning, Faculty/Staff Guide to

Additional Job Request Form for Faculty

Additional Job Request Form for Faculty (non-teaching assignment)

Additional Job Request Form for Professional Exempt Staff

Administrative Policy Statements

Alternate Work Schedule Guidelines

Alternate Work Schedule FAQs

Archives: Rules of Storage/Access


Awards for Faculty and Staff

B (top)

Background Check FAQs

Background Check Flow Chart

Background Check Policies

BOLD Center

C (top)

CEAS Communicators Resources

Center Directors, Supplemental Pay for

Chair Summer Leave Guidelines

College Rules

Compensation for Classified Staff

Conference Proceedings, Stature of Reviewed

Conference Rooms, Scheduling of

Consulting Activities for Faculty, Approval of (One-Sixth Rule)

Course Catalog

Course Proposal Form (as PDF or fillable Word document)

Curriculum Change Form

CULearn -- Online Course Tools

D (top)

Dean's Letter on Collegiality and Nondiscrimination

Dean's Office, Guide to

Dean's Office Organizational Chart

Dean's Office Matching Grant for Student Travel 

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Differentiated Workloads, Policy for Faculty

Directory of Faculty & Staff

Discovery Learning Center Bechtel Collaboratory, Scheduling of

Discrimination and Harassment Training


E (top)

Email Lists for Faculty & Staff

Emergency Contact and Safety Coordinator Responsibilities

Emeritus Faculty Appointments

Employee Work Record

Engineering Advisory Council

Engineering Development, Guide to

Engineering Lobby, Scheduling of

Evaluation, Salary Increase Determination, and Salary Equity for Faculty

Extensive Review Development Plan

Extensive Review Evaluative Report

External Letters for Untenured Faculty, Template for Requesting

External Letters for Faculty Coming in at a Higher Level, Template for Requesting

F (top)

Faculty Affairs Office

Faculty Absences from Campus, Policy on

Faculty Annual Performance Narrative

Faculty Course Questionnaires

Faculty Excellence Program

Faculty Handbook

FRPA, College Guidelines for Preparation of

Faculty Performance Improvement Ideas

FRPA Online

G (top)

Grade Appeal Policy

Grievance Policy

H (top)

Hires With Tenure

Human Resources

I (top)

Information Technology, Office of

Instructor and Scholar-in-Residence Reappointment Guidelines

Instructor and Scholar-in-Residence Reappointment Letter Template

Instructor and Scholar-in-Residence Reappointment System Agreement

Instructor and Scholar-in-Residence Review Checklist

International Faculty Hires

International Student Hires

L (top)

Lactation Room, Use of

Leave Information for Faculty

Leave Policy for Classified Staff

Leave Policy for Professional Exempt Staff

Leave Request Form for Faculty

Leave Request Form for Classified Staff

Lecturer and Instructor Rank Faculty, Boulder Campus Guidelines for Appointment, Evaluation, and Promotion

M (top)


N (top)

New Employee Checklist

New Faculty Program

Nine Pay 12 Authorization (Compensation for Faculty)

Non-Tenure Track Appointments, Policy and Procedures for

O (top)


Offer Letters, Required Documentation for

Offer Letter Addendum for Faculty

Offer Letter Template for Classified Staff

Offer Letter Templates for Faculty

Offer Letter Templates for Faculty Administrative Appointments

Offer Letter Template for Professional Exempt

Official Function Form

Outstanding Graduates of the College

Overload Teaching, Additional Job Request Form for

Overload Teaching, Supplemental Pay for

Overtime Request Form for Classified Staff

P (top)

Parental Leave for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Parental Leave for Tenure-Track Faculty

Part-time Teaching Load

Performance Management User Guide for Classified Staff

Performance Plan for Classified Staff

Performance Rating Form for Professional Exempt

University Staff Performance Evaluation Process

University Staff Performance Evaluation Timeline

University Staff Performance Evaluation Form

Position Description Instructions

Position Description Questionnaire

Post-Tenure Review, College Procedures for

Post-Tenure Review, University Policy on

Procurement Service Center

Professional Improvement Agreement

Professional Plan Form

Professional Plan Sample

R (top)

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure, Advice on

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure, Dean's Presentation on

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Flow Chart

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure, Procedures, Policies and Criteria for

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure, VCAC Checklist

Recruiting Authorization Form for Faculty Positions

Recruitment Process for Tenure Track Faculty

Reference Check Form

Regents Meeting Agenda Submission Deadlines

Registrar's Office

Request to Proceed with Hiring

Required Training for Classified Staff

Required Training for Professional Exempt Staff

Research Associate Faculty -- Policy and Procedure for Appointment and Promotion of

Research Policies and Procedures (Office of Contracts and Grants)

Retention of University Records

Retirement Agreements for Faculty

Retirement Plan for CU Faculty

Risk Management

S (top)

Sabbatical Leave Application

Sabbatical Leave, College Procedures

Sabbatical Policy

Sabbatical Report Form

Sabbatical Supplement Program

Salary Increase Determination and Salary Equity for Faculty

Scope of Work Approval Form

Search Plan

Search Plan Checklist (Faculty)

Search Process Resources

Search Summary (Faculty)

Senior Instructor Differentiated Workload, Application for

Service Learning, Course-based

Space Assignment Policy

Spousal Hire for Faculty Hires

Staff Excellence Program

Staff Off-Cycle Raises, Procedures for

Staff Promotions, Reclassifications and New Positions, Procedures for

Staff Search Process

Strategic Plan: Engineering 2020

Student Employees, Hiring Procedures for

Student Travel, Deans Office Matching Grant Application

Summer Salary for Faculty

T (top)

Teaching Loads - Guidelines for Faculty

Technology Transfer Office

Temporary Employment FAQ

Tenure Clock Policy

Tenure Waiver Template, 6.5 Years

Tenure Transfer

Travel - Deans Student Travel Grant Application

W (top)

Workers Compensation, Claim Procedures

Workers Compensation: What You Should Know

Work-at-Home Approval Form

Work-at-Home Policy-CEAS

Work-at-Home Procedures

Working at Home FAQs

Work Schedule Agreement

Work Schedule Policy

Important Announcements

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