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Seminars 2014

Environmental Engineering Seminar

Friday, October 3 11:00 AM

In this week's session, Danielle France, NRC Postdoctoral Associate at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) will be speaking about materials for water treatment.

Hydrologic Sciences & Water Resources Seminar

Wednesday, October 8 11:00 AM

This week's speaker will be Peter Hamlington, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at CU-Boulder. Hamlington is part of the Turbulence and Energy Systems Laboratory (TESLa) and specializes in computational fluid dynamics.

Hydrologic Sciences & Water Resources Seminar

Wednesday, October 15 11:00 AM

This week's speaker will be John Pitlick, professor of geography at CU-Boulder. Pitlick's research focuses on linkages between surface-water hydrology and geomorphology in high-gradient river systems.

Global Development and Education - Setting Future Directions a Government - Industry - Academic Partnership

Wednesday, October 22 8:30 AM

Global Development and Education - Setting Future Directions A Government - Industry - Academic Partnership Symposium Hosted by the Mortenson Center The challenge of how to educate the next generation of global development professionals is increasing in urgency as the number of issues affecting the global community increases on a daily basis. From the environment and the economy to infrastructure and global teaming, the professionals of tomorrow will face challenges that are increasingly global and complex. Compounding these issues are increasing demands on a global basis to address issues in a broader set of countries and communities. From mega-cities to small communities, issues of development, resiliency, and economic prosperity are challenging traditional approaches to global cooperation. The “Future Directions” Symposium is intended to start a dialogue between government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry to set a direction for greater cooperation in addressing how to educate the next generation of professionals that will enter diverse fields that focus on addressing these issues. By bringing together leaders in these fields, the stage will be set to fundamentally change the approaches for educating and introducing students to global issues and directions. This symposium will provide a starting point from which a new set of outcomes can be developed in terms of the goals that we should set for new professionals entering the global development arena. This symposium will be a unique opportunity to hear keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interact with researchers and NGOs on emerging approaches to addressing global issues. The outcome of this interaction will be to set a new agenda from which the stakeholders can cooperatively pursue approaches that will better prepare individuals to be the next generation of global professionals.

Hydrologic Sciences & Water Resources Seminar

Wednesday, October 22 11:00 AM

This week's speaker will be Dr. Richard Koehler, National Hydrologic and Geospatial Sciences Training Coordinator in the Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB) at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Koehler will be speaking on new ways to visualize and analyze hydrologic time-series data, including application and case studies.

Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering Career & Internship Fair

Wednesday, October 29 10:00 AM

The Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder cordially invites you and your organization to take part in the CEAE Mini-Career and Internship Day. This event is intended to provide all participating companies and organizations equal opportunity to interact with interested students currently specializing in all areas of civil, environmental, and architectural engineering.