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Research Positions

This page will hold information on research positions available through the Environmental Engineering Program or available to EVEN students.

Discovery Learning Apprentice Program - College of Engineering. See: DL Program

    Examples of student projects:
  • Lindsay Willman, 2009/2010, Project: Ozone Exposure of Older Low-Income Adults Living in Urban Neighborhoods, mentors: Prof. Shelly Miller and Jana Milford; award winning poster in the Living lightly on the Earth category
  • Katherine Otero, 2009/2010, Project: Afghanistan Biomass Briquette Project, mentor: Prof. Bernard Amadei
  • Lauren Schmeisser, 2009/2010, Project: Disinfection of E. coli bacteria in core samples from a point-of-use ceramic water filter used in the developing world for drinking water treatment, mentor: Profs. Angela Bielefeldt and R. Scott Summers
  • Anna Herring, 2008/2009, Project: Characterization of the hyporheic transport of iron colloids and colloid associated metals in acid mine drainage affected streams, mentor: Prof. Joe Ryan
  • Ben Kamark, 2008/2009 Project: Effect of forest fires on the leaching of mercury from soil; mentor: Prof. Joe Ryan
  • Aaron Baar, 2007/2008, Project: Monitoring Changes in Suspended Sediment Concentration in Lefthand Creek, mentro: Prof. Joe Ryan
  • Nicki Seminara, 2007/2008, Project: Understanding the Effects of Acid Mine Drainage and Stream Water Exchange with Stream Sediment, mentor: Prof. Joe Ryan
  • David Sparkman and Rob Millspaugh, 2007/2008, Project: Drinking Water Treatment for the Developing World - Pathogen Removal by the Filtron, mentors: Profs. Angela Bielefeldt and R. Scott Summers
  • Hallie Bevan, 2006/2007, Project: Metal Loading in Coal Creek, mentor: Prof. Joe Ryan
  • Sean Hoban, 2006/2007, Project: Membrane Processes for Energy and Water Sustainability, mentor: John Pellegrino
  • Daniel Williams, 2006/2008, Project: Denver Aerosol Health Study, mentors: Profs. Mike Hannigan and Shelly Miller

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program
- University of Colorado. Summer 2006, 2007, and 2008. See: REU Program
  • Hallie Bevan, 2006. Project: Metal Loading in Coal Creek, mentor: Prof. Joe Ryan.
  • Melissa Mora, 2006. Project: Classification of Cyanobacteria species in Orange Algal Mats from Canada Stream MCM-LTER, mentor: Prof. Diane McKnight.
  • Cathy Vos, 2004. Project: Biotreatment of Chromium-Contaminated Soil, mentor: Prof. Angela Bielefeldt
- Other REU programs nationwide. See: NSF REU search portal

Other examples
  • Andrew Gruel (junior, URA); Project: Characterization of Airborne Particles in Denver, Colorado, mentor: Prof. Michael Hannigan
  • Alicia Duran (senior, URA); Project: Acoustic Detection of Biofouling in Water Treatment Membrane Filtration, mentor: Prof. Mark Hernandez
  • Melissa Mora (junior, UROP); Project: Effects of Ceiling-Mounted HEPA-UV Air Filters on Airborne Bacteria Concentrations in an Indoor Therapy Pool Building, mentor: Prof. Mark Hernandez
  • Bret Harper (senior, independent study); Project: Estimation of Optimal Energy Options for the Rosebud Sioux's Rosebud Casino, mentor: Prof. Jana Milford
  • Catherine Vos (senior, URA); Project: Size Distribution of Airborne Fine Particulate Matter from Wood Combustion at Different Temperatures, mentor: Prof. Michael Hannigan
  • Bret Harper (senior, internship), SOARS Program, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Project: Using the TIE Global Climate Model to Estimate the Equatorial Vertical E x B Drift Velocity with Ground Magnetic Perturbation
  • Chris Fahlin (senior, independent study); Project: Hydraulic Properties Investigation of the Potters For Peace Colloidal Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter, mentor: Prof. Angela Bielefeldt