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Course descriptions from the University catalog are available online. Using the University's PLUS website, the schedules of courses can be checked for the current semester and semesters in the recent past (about 1 year). Faculty Course Questionnaires (FCQs) can also be checked online by instructor and course.

The Environmental Engineering Program administers a small number of courses to supplement courses offerings from the participating Departments. Below is a list of regularly offered EVEN courses with links to more detailed descriptions.

  • EVEN 1000 (1 credit) Introduction to Environmental Engineering
    Instructor: Scott Summers (Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering)
    Introduces students to environmental engineering as an academic major and a career. Covers air quality, aquatic ecology, chemical processing, energy, site remediation, and water resources and treatment. Includes reading and writing on the history of environmental engineering major environmental issues, and professional ethics.
    Offered: every fall (syllabus)

  • EVEN 4100 (3 credits) Environmental Sampling and Analysis
    Instructor: Joe Ryan
    Introduces students to hands-on environmental sampling and analysis techniques for characterization of surface water, subsurface water, soils and sediments, and air. Laboratories include stream sampling, drilling, monitoring well installation, water level, slug tests, air sampling. Department enforced prereqs., CVEN 4404, 4414, and 3313 or equivalents, or instructor consent required.
    Offered: Every Fall (syllabus)
  • EVEN 4840 (1-3) Independent Study
    See individual instructors to arrange independent research projects, including a senior thesis. Select an instructor from the FACULTY list working in your area of interest, and contact them by email or phone.
  • EVEN 4980 / 4990 (3/3) Senior Thesis 1 / 2
    Provides 2-semester faculty-supervised independent research in environmental engineering, including a written thesis and oral defense at the end of the second semester. Select an instructor from the FACULTY list working in your area of interest, and contact them by email or phone to discuss potential research topics.