Student Society for Environmental Engineering




SEVEN's mission:

SEVEN is dedicated to uniting engineering students, the department, and the University through extracurricular student projects, activities, and events.



SEVEN is social outlet for Environmental Engineering (EVEN) students to meet up and network with other EVEN students, department faculty, and industry professionals. We have weekly student led meetings, during which we plan all events and activities through out the year and eat FREE PIZZA! We host and organize many events each semester from camping trips and movie nights to student conferences and more. SEVEN has affiliated student chapters with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), Water Environment Federation (WEF), and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE). We heavily encourage all members to get involved with these organizations.


SEVEN strives to encourage all student ideas and to prove that a small group of committed students can make an impact. We aspire to run this group with a "friends and family around the dinner table" style of organization rather than the professional structured style you might expect from an engineering society. SEVEN is open to all engineers and we love new faces. So if you're interested, come to a meeting!


General Information:


Weekly Meeting Location: ECOT 831, CU Engineering Center


To join our email list please send a message to In the body of the your email write: subscribe seven <your name> (Don't include the brackets)


IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF SEVEN also make sure to join our Facebook group to receive regular updates about the group activities and polls!


Fall 2014:


Officer elections will be held during the second meeting (date and time TBA)


Spring 2012:


SEVEN Officers:


President: Bailey Leppek

Co-Pres: Spencer Hankin

Treasurer*: Ryan Riopelle

Secretary*: Ashlyn Norberg




President: Kyria Bosma

Vice Pres: William Daggett



President: Tami Relph

Vice Pres Andrew Ducomb


* denotes that this same officer position is also held for AWWA, WEF, and AAEE student chapters


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