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Arthi Jayaraman

Unlike most chemical and biological engineers, Arthi Jayaraman never gets her hands wet…at least, not in her lab. But as a highly successful teacher and researcher in CU-Boulder’s chemical and biological engineering department, she’s as passionate about chemistry and engineering as if she spent all her time handling test tubes.

Srinidhi Radhakrishnan

University of Colorado Boulder twin sophomores Srinidhi Radhakrishnan and Saikripa Radhakrishnan -- both chemical and biological engineering majors -- have been awarded prestigious Goldwater Scholarships.

The scholarships are worth up to $7,500 for educational expenses each year and are given to students who intend to pursue careers in the fields of math, science or engineering.

Kristi Anseth

If the name Kristi Anseth hasn't reached our collective consciousness as yet, just wait a bit. At just 35, Anseth is a nationwide leader in the study of biomaterials, and her work in creatively intersecting chemistry, biology, and engineering may one day lead to wide use of easily replaceable body parts for people suffering from injuries or chronic conditions.

Will Medlin

CU-Boulder assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering Will Medlin says the fact that many important industrial chemicals sell for $25 per gallon or more makes chemical products the “low hanging fruit” in catalysis research and development.

But the bigger potential impact, he maintains—if researchers can get costs low enough—is the efficient conversion of biomass to biofuels that can power our transportation systems in a more sustainable way.

Stephanie Bryant

Anyone who has ever experienced a broken bone, torn muscle, or inflamed tendon can testify to the importance of exercise in proper healing.

From a science and engineering standpoint, however, there is much that isn't known about the physiological process known as "mechanotransduction."

"I'm really intrigued by how cells sense and respond to mechanical loading," says Assistant Professor Stephanie Bryant, who specializes in biomaterials and tissue engineering.

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