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Celebrating 30 Years of Distance Education

The 2013-14 academic year marks the 30th anniversary of the College of Engineering and Applied Science's Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education (CAETE). A pioneer in distance learning and profes­sional studies, CAETE provides convenient and flexible education for working professionals by offering graduate engineering degree programs and certifi­cates in an accessible, online format.

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New Residential Academic Program Helps Prepare Students for Global Engineering Careers

The Global Engineering Residential Academic Program (RAP) is the newest living and learning option for first­-year undergraduates at CU-Boulder. Located at the new Kittredge Central residence hall, just minutes on foot or bike from the Engineering Center, the Global Engineering RAP is more than just a co­hort of students who geek out on science and math. Its mission is to provide a community for engineering students who want to practice and improve their foreign language skills while focusing on global engineering projects  and IT-­driven intercultural communication.

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ATLAS PhD Develops PartoPen to Improve Maternal Care

According to the World Health Organ­ization (WHO), nearly 300,000 women die every year from pregnancy­-related complications, mostly in the developing world. Heather Underwood, who gradu­ated in December 2013 from the ATLAS Insti­tute PhD program, sought to change this by developing the PartoPen.

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E-Days Returns with Annual Festivities, Contests

Engineering Days, or E­-Days, is a series of fun challenges hosted by the University of Colorado Engineering Council that celebrate the engineering profession by giving students the chance to apply their engineering skills in fun, exciting and creative ways.

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Idea Forge Will Foster a Hands­-On Learning Culture for Students

This spring, CU­-Boulder will re­ purpose approximately 22,000 square feet of the former law library in the Fleming Building to create the Idea Forge, a flexible, cross-discipli­nary collaborative space where stu­dents can create and test products and solutions to meet a range of societal and customer needs.

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New General Engineering Plus degree sparks passion for STEM teaching

General Engineering Plus (GE+), a new design-­focused degree launched in fall 2013, provides flexibility for students to design their education through a discipline-­based engineering focus area, coupled with a concentration such as CU Teach Engineering, Entrepreneurship or Pre-­medicine. The GE+ degree grew out of the College of Engineering and Applied Science's desire to produce, at scale, secondary math or science teachers to raise the bar for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy in middle and high schools.

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CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics

A pair of breakthroughs in the field of silicon photonics by researchers at CU-Boulder, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Micron Technol­ogy Inc. could allow for the trajectory of exponential improvement in micro­ processors that began nearly half a century ago - known as Moore's Law - to continue well into the future, allowing for increasingly faster electronics, from supercomputers to laptops to smartphones.

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New Pre-­Engineering Program Facilitates Transition into Engineering

Many students who are declined immediate admission to the College of Engi­neering and Applied Science ultimately enroll in CU's College of Arts and Sciences. To help these students achieve their goal of becoming engineers, the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Arts and Sciences collaborated to create the Pre­-Engineering Program, which provides a structured pathway of CU-Boulder course work combined with academic advising support from both colleges.

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Discovery Learning: Apprentices Tackle Critical Issues Through Undergraduate Research

An undergraduate career is not a thing to waste. In the 2013-14 academic year, 54 undergraduate engineering students in the Discovery Learning Apprentice­ship program have decided to take full advantage of the short amount of time they will have on campus. In addition to taking full course loads, they spend 10 hours a week conducting research to solve problems locally, globally, and in outer space.

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Engineering Design Expo Continues to Wow Industry, Family, Community

More than 350 engineering students demonstrated their innovations and inventions to the community at the annual fall Engineering Design Expo in December 2013.

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