Students, Faculty Work to Promote Academic Integrity

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Engineering faculty and students have introduced two initiatives aimed at strengthening the culture of academic integrity in the college and enhancing the efforts of CU-Boulder's student Honor Code.

A student initiative to create an Engineering Integrity Society is being led by Adam Bierman, who is also a member of the Engineering Fellows honorary service organization. The new group, which has been writing its constitution and making plans to speak at departmental and other events, plans to open its membership to students, staff, and faculty interested in creating greater awareness of the code.

"We'd love to have everyone working for it. A lot of students don't even hear about the Honor Code in their classes," Bierman says.

Assistant Dean for Students Mary Steiner, who is advising the group, praised the students for taking on the issue. A second initiative is being led by faculty in the Engineering Management Program (EMP), who are launching a new requirement that students pass an online self-exam on academic integrity at the beginning of each course. Faculty have pledged to discuss the Honor Code and provide students with resources on the appropriate citation of references at the beginning of every course, and to strictly enforce a "two strikes and you're out" policy when it comes to honor code violations.

"After much discussion, we've come to agreement that it is part of our responsibility, as educators developing the next generation of leaders, to create a culture of ethical behavior that we hope will be carried from the university into the work environment," says Barbara Lawton, EMP director.

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