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The initial transfer credit evaluation is performed by the Office of Admissions upon receiving an official transcript directly from the institution in which the credit was earned.  Once the Office of Admissions has completed their evaluation, the student’s major department can indicate the specific courses that apply to the student’s major.  Just because the Office of Admissions accepts the credit doesn’t mean your major department will utilize that credit toward degree requirements.  The Office of Admissions will not accept course work in which the student received a grade lower than a “C-.”  Credits from an Engineering Technology program normally will not transfer.  It is the academic policy of this college that credits accrued in the official records of a student that were awarded for work or co-op experience do not apply toward degree requirements.

After confirming with the Office of Admissions that the student will be matriculating in the college, all transfer students are advised to contact their major department about applicability of their transfer credits towards degree requirements before registering for courses.  Students should log onto to run a “degree audit” to review how their courses transfer in and to guide their conversation with their academic advisor.

Credit hours required for graduation that were earned more than ten years prior to transferring into an undergraduate degree program at CU-Boulder may not apply to the completion of the student’s graduation requirements.

In-Residence Credit Requirement
Academic rules of the College of Engineering and Applied Science require that the last 45 semester credit hours used to fulfill degree requirements must be earned with CU-Boulder course work only.

Advanced Placement (AP) credit may be approved by the major department on the basis of the College Board’s Advanced Placement examinations.  For students who have taken an advanced placement course in high school and who make the required score in the AP examination, college credit will be granted if the subject would normally satisfy part of the student’s curriculum.  If a student elects to take the equivalent college course, the credit for that course will replace the AP credit.  See for a listing of AP exam scores correlating to CU-Boulder course equivalents.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit also may be accepted toward degree requirements, provided that scores are at the 67th percentile or above.  A list of subjects in which CLEP examinations are accepted may be obtained in the Dean’s Office.  Major departments will advise their students on the application of CLEP credit toward degree requirements.

Students pursuing a double degree must have transfer credit evaluations performed by each major department involved.  Additionally, Intra-University Transfer students must have a transfer credit evaluation done by their new major department.

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