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Get to know more about fellow students' professional learning projects! Whether domestic or international, an engineering internship or co-op can open your personal and professional horizons while giving you the experience necessary to start your career on the right foot. Click the links to learn more.

Professional learning allows you to try out the “real world” through internships and co-op programs where you can learn more about your chosen field in a work setting. Participating in professional learning activities is especially encouraged for those students who plan to seek a job immediately after graduation and want to hit the ground running.

Why Professional Learning?

Internships and co-op experiences offer students significant benefits. Students may:

  • Explore various career directions and sample different types of jobs and companies;
  • Build skills and experiences for their resumes, making it easier to secure a full-time position after graduation;
  • Enjoy a welcome break from a demanding curriculum, allowing them to make money to support their education;
  • Find that course work becomes more relevant, since theory makes more sense when augmented by practical experience;
  • Experience a boost in self-confidence, which is projected in interviews for employment and graduate school;
  • Learn about working full-time and have opportunities to become “full members of the team” by assuming more responsibilities than they would as part-time workers, and in the case of some companies such as NASA, co-ops provide a way to enter the work force with advanced standing.

What's the difference between an internship and a co-op?

An internship is a paid or unpaid work position for a company, full or part-time during the school year or summer, that is not administered by the college and results in no academic credit. Internships may be arranged with the help of CU-Boulder’s Career Services or independently.

If you are interested in an internship, please refer to the contact list on the right side bar of this page or visit the college's Engineering Internship website.

A co-op experience takes place in the context of a program administered by the college that integrates work experiences into a student’s academic experiences. Co-op work experiences are always paid, have academic requirements, and result in academic credit that does not apply towards the student’s degree. A student participating in the co-op will receive a certificate of participation or written acknowledgement and an official transcript entry for each experience in which the student participates. While participation in a co-op program may add up to a full year to students’ time in college, students graduate with a host of marketable skills and professional contacts.

If you are interested in a co-op program, please refer to the contact list on the right side of this page or visit the Engineering Co-op page.

Career Services helps students discover who they are,what they want to do, and how to get there. They are the bridge between academics and the world of work. Career Services offers free services for all CU-Boulder degree seeking students and alumni up to one year after graduation. Meet indvdually the dtaff to discuss major and career exploration, internship or job searching, and graduate school prepartion.

Key Contacts

Internship Key Contacts

Engineering Career Counselor
Rachel Killam
Center for Community N390M

Engineering Center ECST 128 A,B,C

Internship Program Coordinator

April Abernathy
Center for Community N370C

Engineering Center ECST 128 A,B,C

Career Services

International Engineering Internships
Karey Sabol

Extracurricular Programs Manager
Sharon Anderson

Co-op Key Contacts

Aerospace Engineering
Joe Tanner

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Wendy Young
More info >

Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Ryan Novak

Computer Science
Judy Stafford

Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Robert McLeod

Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Knutsen

Co-op Program Oversight and All Other Majors
Sharon Anderson, Extracurricular Programs Manager


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