Joining Up

Want to join the chapter? Great! It's easy.

  • Get on our mailing list to recieve meeting announcements and updates.
  • Show up to any general meeting.
  • Contact any officer by e-mail (see the Members page) and let them know.
  • Paying dues: (Check out Levels of Membership below)
    Dues are $5/semester for CU Members and must be payed to the Treasurer.

What's in it for me?

It's only natural to ask why anyone would want to join our chapter.
Here are some reasons:

  • Community: Until now, there hasnt been a student group for people who are interested in computing - CS/ECE majors, etc. We're going to change that.
  • Interact: Get to know your fellow students and faculty members better. Get advice from older students and what to do and what not to do in your short 4 (5...6...?) years here.
  • Experience: Gain experience doing "real-world" things with the theoretical ideas you're taught in class
  • Learn Something New: New to college? Meet new people and get your feet wet programming in our local contests tailored towards lower-division students
  • Compete Nationally: Think you got what it takes to compete with other CS students around the world? Join the CU ACM Programming Contest team and compete with teams in our region and (if youre good enough) from around the world.
  • Network: ACM brings in industry reps to give seminars and presentations. This is a perfect time to get your resume out and maybe even land an internship or job!

Levels of Membership

There are three levels of membership in ACM @ CU:

  • Voting Member: This class of member must be a full or part-time student at CU Boulder, and must be a dues paying member. In addition, all voting members must be members of the National ACM. As the name suggests, only people who are voting members may vote in chapter elections.
  • Affiliate Member: A dues paying member that does not have to be a student at CU, merely a member of the CU community. Furthermore, you do not have to be a member of the National ACM to be an affiliate member. This class of member retains all membership benefits except for voting rights and the right to run for officer positions.
  • Trial Member: Want to come see what ACM @ CU is about, but dont want to fork over any money? Any member of the CU community can be a trial member of ACM @ CU for one semester. This class of member does not have to pay any dues, but can only participate in certain activities without paying an associated fee.