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Following is a tentative list of engineering Summer Session 2013 courses. Please note that all information is subject to change.

Maymester: May 13-June 1

ASEN 3046- Humans in Aviation-  H. Scott- 3 credits

ASEN 4519/5519- Green Aircraft Technology- J. Koster- 3 credits

CVEN 2012- Intro to Geomatics-  M. Halek- 3 credits

CVEN 3246- Intro to Construction – M. Morris- 3 credits

CVEN 5834- Water Utility Issues- D. Kuchenrither- 3 credits

ECEN 4003- Hacking/Cyber Security- D. Wolpoff- 3 credits

HUEN 3100- Humanities for Engineers- A. Lange- 3 credits

HUEN 3843- Dostoevsky & Belief-S. Douglass- 3 credits

Term A:  June 3-July 5

CHEN 2120- Materials & Energy Balances- J. DeGrazia- 3 credits

CVEN 2121/ GEEN 3851- Analytical Mechanics I- Statics- J. Keely- 3 credits

CVEN 3022- Construction Surveying- M. Halek- 3 credits

CVEN 5363- Modeling of Hydrologic Systems -B. Liveneh- 3 credits

CSCI 1300- Computer Science I- J. LeMarche- 4 credits

CSCI 4229- Computer Graphics- W. Schreuder- 3 credits

CSCI 4809- Computer Animation- B. King- 3 credits

CSCI 4839- User-Centered Design Course-  T.  Miaskiewicz- 3 credits

ECEN 3010- Circuits for MCEN- W. Newhall- 3 credits

GEEN 1300- Intro to Engineering Computing- R. Hoenigman- 3 credits

HUEN 3100- Intro to Humanities- L. Giovannelli- 3 credits

MCEN 3021- Mechanical Fluids- J. Knutsen- 3 credits

MCEN 4228- Environmental Toxins- S. Miller- 3 credits

Term C:  June 3-July 26

CSCI 2400-Computer Systems- B. Dixon- 4 credits

MCEN 3012/GEEN 3852- Thermodynamics for Engineers- A. Norris- 3 credits

Term D: June 3-August 9

CVEN 4474/ 5474- Hazardous & Industrial Waste Management (online)- A. Bielefeldt- 3 credits

MCEN 4043- System Dynamics- S. Reuben- 3 credits

Term B: July 9-August 9

AREN 4466- Construction, Planning & Scheduling- E. Pellicer- 3 credits

CHEN 3200- Chem E Fluids- G. Nicodemus- 3 credits

CVEN 4835/5835- Investigation, Strengthening, Design- G. Camata- 3 credits

CSCI 1240- Computational World (online)- M. Eisenberg- 3 credits

CSCI 2270- Comp. Science 2: Data Structures- TBD- 4 credits

ECEN 2420- Wireless Electronics for Communication- P. Mathys- 3 credits

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