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Summer Session at the University of Colorado Boulder offers opportunities for students and faculty. It is designed to allow students to meet major or minor requirements, take classes from other colleges, enroll in new technical elective courses, register for smaller classes, or accelerate their graduation.

Every summer the college offers courses that students need for graduation and new courses that are developed by CU faculty or by FIRST (Faculty in Residence Summer Term) faculty. Traditional courses as well as online summer courses are offerred.

Summer Terms

Courses are offered in five terms during summer session. Maymester is the first term of the summer, and offers students the ability to take one class for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks. The college also offers classes during two five-week terms (Terms A and B) as well as an 8-week term (Term C) and a 10-week term (Term D).  See the list of summer terms below:

  • Maymester (Term M) (3 weeks) – Runs from mid-May though end of May or beginning of June, depending on year
  • Term A (5 weeks) – Runs from beginning of June to beginning of July
  • Term C (8 weeks) – Runs from beginning of June through end of July
  • Term D (10 weeks) – Runs from beginning of June through beginning of August
  • Term B (5 weeks) – Runs from beginning of July through beginning of August

Summer 2014 Courses

Visit the Summer Session website to view what courses are offered this summer and check out featured engineering courses.

More Information

To learn more about summer session, select from the following options for more information and FAQs:

Information for Students

Summer registration for CU continuing students begins the first week of March with seniors being able to register first and then juniors, etc. Non-degree students can register the second week of March. Students may register for up to 15 credit hours during summer session, including Maymester.

Please note that summer drop dates are usually the first 3 to 5 days of a term. So, make sure that you drop courses within that time period if you are interested in a tuition reimbursement. Students with a documented learning disability that need testing accommodations for summer classes should contact the Engineering Dean’s Office at 303-492-5071 prior to the beginning of the term.

Summer Tuition and Fees
Summer session tuition and fees are calculated differently than during the academic year.  They are based on the number of credit hours that students are registered for along with residency. Student fees are pro-rated according to the terms that students are enrolled in. For a complete list of tuition and fees, please visit the Bursar's website.  Financial aid is available for students who meet the financial aid criteria. Students must file a FAFSA form to be considered.  For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.

CEAS Summer Scholarships
The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers summer scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the college.  Undergraduate students must apply using the college’s online application form for summer session, have at least a 2.75 GPA, and register for 6 credits hours of which 3 hours must be an engineering course (a course code that ends in EN). The summer scholarship application is generally available by the first week in April.

Summer Session Student FAQs

Information for Faculty

The summer session course schedule for the college is finalized by the end of October for the following summer. The summer session catalog and online version of the catalog is finalized at the end of November and goes to print in December.  Please note that the summer budget is funded by Continuing Education and is based on historical data for generating credit hours. Faculty who are interested in teaching summer courses should contact the Engineering Dean's Office by Oct. 21.

Faculty opportunities include developing and teaching new courses and proposing new Faculty in Residence Summer Term (FIRST) scholars to come and teach at CU. Teaching a summer school class may count toward your annual teaching load depending on chair approval. Faculty salaries vary according to rank, term and type of class. Faculty members who have summer enrollments above 25 students are eligible for graders.

Summer Session CEAS Course Minimum Enrollment Limits
Courses offered during Maymester must have 18 students to have the class go.  For all other terms, CEAS courses must have at least 15 students enrolled in the course.  Summer session course minimum enrollment limits are set by the Division of Continuing Education.

Summer Instructional Grants
Faculty who are interested in teaching a new course or changing the format of a course for summer can apply for an instructional grant through the Engineering Dean's Office. Instructional grants allow the college to offer new courses to meet student needs. They are used to offset the cost of professor salaries, not for course development. The instructional grant application process includes a short course description, a short statement of why the course is being proposed, and term dates. Final decisions for instructional grants are made by the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Summer Session/ Dean of Continuing Education and the Assistant Dean for Summer Session.  

Faculty in Residence Summer Term (FIRST Scholars)
Faculty can nominate a professor or other professional in the U.S. or internationally to be a Faculty in Residence Summer Term scholar. A FIRST scholar is an individual from another university or the corporate world that is outstanding in his/her field that would like to come and teach and do research here at CU. FIRST scholar funding is one-time funding for this individual covering air travel, salary and an apartment. FIRST scholars can come during Maymester, Term A or Term B. International faculty members generally come to teach during Maymester or Term B (beginning of July through the beginning of August). The application process includes writing a short course description, a statement of why he or she wants to teach the course and a CV. Send all FIRST applications to the Engineering Dean's Office by Oct. 21. Final decisions on the FIRST program are made by the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Summer Session/Dean of Continuing Education and the Assistant Dean for Summer Session.  

Summer Session Online Courses
In order to meet student needs, online summer session courses were added a couple of years ago. There are over 18 online courses offered in summer session, including The Computational World (CSCI 1240) offered in the college. For more information about online summer session courses, contact Carol Drake, Assistant Dean for Summer Session.

Summer Independent Study Courses
Students may register for independent study courses in the summer; however, faculty members who oversee independent studies in the summer are not paid. Students need faculty member and department approval. Independent study hours are counted in the department’s summer credit hours (SCH).

Summer Thesis and Dissertation Hours
Students may register for thesis and dissertation during summer session. These credit hours are counted in the department’s summer credit hours (SCH).

Listing of Summer Session Courses
Summer session courses, including CEAS courses, are listed in the summer session catalog and online. Many departments also list their courses on their websites. Information on the engineering website is generally updated in March.

Summer Session Faculty FAQs

Information for International Students

International students are students who already have or will be applying for a temporary U.S. visa such as a J-1 or F-1, are not U.S. citizens, permanent residents of the U.S., refugees or asylum-seekers in the U.S. If you are a permanent resident and have an alien registration number, you are not an international student.

International Degree Students
If you plan to enter an undergraduate degree program at CU-Boulder during the summer, you need to complete the undergraduate application online. The deadline for new student summer degree transfers is Jan. 15 for first-year students and April 1 for transfer students.  Visit CU's prospective student website for more information.

After Admission
International degree seeking students need to check in with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in the Office of International Education. The staff will register you for SEVIS, the government tracking system.

International Non-degree Applicants
Currently, the regulations and policies for international non-degree applicants are under review. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Summer Session website or email

Information for International Faculty

FIRST (Faculty-in-Residence Summer Term) Program
The College of Engineering and Applied Science has one or two scholars every summer that are FIRST scholars. A FIRST scholar is an individual from a U.S. or international university who is outstanding is his or her field and comes to CU to teach a course during summer. FIRST scholars need to be nominated by the faculty members in the college or by the Director of Summer Session. For more information, please contact the Engineering Dean's Office at 303-492-5071.

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