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Advising can be the key to making your experience at CU-Boulder run smoothly. As an engineering student, it is especially important that you carefully plan your schedule each semester if you plan to graduate in four years.

Preparing to Register

About Academic Advising

We are committed to collaborating with you, the student, to enhance your success by supplying you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.  We believe you are responsible for taking ownership of your education.  We strive to best connect you to the educational, career, and personal resources necessary to achieve your goals. As a result of academic advising, we hope you will:

  • Be able to make informed decisions about your education
  • Understand the requirements of your degree program
  • Understand the impact of college and university policies on your education
  • Understand what resources are available to you and how to best utilize them
  • Enhance your collegiate experience by actively exploring learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom

Before you get started working with your advisor, learn about Making the Most of Advising Sessions. Then, consult our advisor directory to find out who to talk to.

Important Dates

Keep up to date on important undergraduate academic deadlines and dates via the Engineering Advising Calendar.

Learn More

More questions about registration and advising? Check out the registration section in our Undergraduate FAQs.

Important Announcements

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