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cue13-empsignage.jpgMany engineers today are being tapped by their employers to serve as internal consultants, or decide to become independent consultants as their chosen career.

According to, there are more than two million consulting firms in management consulting in the United States, and each week on average almost 400 are created. No data is available showing how many engineers are actually acting as internal consultants, but professors in CU’s Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program (EMP) report that many master’s degree students perform that function on a daily basis as part of their job duties or
because they are the expert in a particular area.

If more of the technical workforce is going to be consulting, it is vital to answer the question, “What makes a successful internal or external consultant?” Certainly part of the equation is the technical knowledge that the consultant brings, but true success is also related to how the individual practices the art of consulting itself.

The Institute of Management Consulting, a professional association for management consultants and firms, provides a framework for this “how” of consulting as part of its Certified Management Consultant certification.

The EMP is offering a new class based on the IMC’s body of knowledge to help students become better internal and external consultants. The class prepares students to take the CMC written and oral exams and can be applied toward the management consulting certificate (12 credits) or the master of engineering (ME) in engineering management degree

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