CEAE's Karl Linden receives Australian Fellowship Award

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The Australian Water Recycling Center of Excellence (AWRCoE) has recently granted a Center Fellowship award to Karl G. Linden, Ph.D., The Croft Professor of Environmental Engineering at CU-Boulder's College of Engineering and Applied Science.

AWRCoE’s Center Fellowship award is designed to promote industry-academic exchange, Linden said.

Under this fellowship, Linden will work with Melbourne Water, the largest water utility in Victoria, Australia, to enhance their implementation of water reuse projects, specifically in the area of advanced treatment technologies, to sustainably meet their most significant water reuse challenges.

“I get to learn about issues [the] industry is facing first hand and work directly with Melbourne Water in developing technical materials that will support them as they seek approvals from the State health authorities for their water reuse plans, “ Linden said regarding the fellowship.

Linden further noted his excitement in solidifying his collaborations with Melbourne Water so as to strengthen the relationship between the water utility and the research expertise available here at the University of Colorado.

“I hope to continue to support them [Melbourne Water] in these types of activities, while at the same time providing interesting research opportunities on problems of international importance for my students,” Linden said.  

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