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 EVEN 4100
Environmental Sampling and Analysis
Fall 2005


Week Date Lecture Topic(s) Lab Topic(s)
1 Mon, Aug 22 Welcome, students' responsibilities, "Tailgate Safety Meeting" concept, OSHA regs, cost of improperly placed wells, cost of safety vs. Injuries etc. Discuss borehole completion options, goals of sampling program very important  
Wed, Aug 24   Lab 1 - Cost comparison, parts of the drill rig, OSHA regs, safety Information.
JK to conduct tailgate safety meeting.
2 Mon, Aug 29 Topic: Borehole completion options, sampling strategy, well development and filter pack choices (Fetter, Ch 8)
QUIZ 1 - Vocabulary, Safety
Wed, Aug 31   Lab 1 - Due
Lab 2 - Borehole logs, sampling program goals, cost of data collection, vocabulary
3 Mon, Sep 5 No Class - Labor Day  
Wed, Sep 7 Topic: Groundwater contour maps, advection/dispersion vs. diffusion, introduce multiphase flow in porous media (Fetter, Ch 1.8.2, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, 2.9, all of 3)
QUIZ 2 - Borehole Completion Options, Vocabulary, Safety
4 Mon, Sep 12 QUIZ 3 - Chain of Custody, Sample Handling, Holding Times Lab 2 - Due
Lab 3 - COC, sample handling, well completion, " well installation.
GROUP 1 to do tailgate safety meeting
Wed, Sep 14 Topic: Air and water sampling implications, fieldwork writing improvements
QUIZ 4 - Discrete soil sampling various well completion options and equipment available
GUEST SPEAKER Panel - Trish Pfeiffer (EPA), Natalie Smith (Geomatrix), and Wendy Morone (Altus Environmental)
5 Mon, Sep 19   Lab 3 - Due
Lab 4 - Surging, Well completion, discrete soil sampling, bridging, filter pack, auger installation of EPA standard 2" monitoring well.
GROUP 2 to do tailgate safety meeting
Wed, Sep 21
Lab 5 -- Air sampling lab
6 Mon, Sep 26 Topic: Regulations and analytical methods
QUIZ 5 - Well development, filter pack, etc.
GUEST SPEAKER - Joe Pollara, Environmental Manager, Newmont Mining
Lab 4 - Due
OSHA HAZWOPER Classbooks due from Condor Geotechnical
Wed, Sep 28   Lab 5 - Due
Lab 6 - Water contour map and water sampling, water level sounder.
GROUP 4 does tailgate meeting
7 Mon, Oct 3 OSHA HAZWOPER Classroom Day
Topic: Rising Head slug test, more groundwater transport (Fetter, Ch. 1.8.2, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, 2.9, all of 3), Susan's handout
QUIZ 6 - Groundwater contouring, groundwater transport basics
Wed, Oct 5 QUIZ 7 -Permeability, rising head slug tests OSHA Fieldwork Exercise
8 Mon, Oct 10   Lab 6 - Due
Lab 7 - Rising Head slug test for permeability measurements
GUEST SPEAKER - Susan Wyman, P.E., P.G., Principal, Whetstone Associates
Wed, Oct 12 Topic: Expert 0pinions, data analysis
QUIZ 8 - Organic chemicals in groundwater transport
GUEST SPEAKER - Kristen Carney, Faegre and Benson, LLP, environmental law attorney and environmental engineer
9 Mon, Oct 17   Lab 7 - Due
Lab 8 - Data Analysis - Expert witness
Wed, Oct 19 Topic: Workplan introduction, site assessments, why they are important, relevant regulations, how and why to do assessment
QUIZ 9 - Site Assessment
10 Mon, Oct 24   Lab 8 - Due
Lab 9 - Written site assessment following the guidelines visit actual site.
JK does safety meeting
Wed, Oct 26 Topic: Workplan details, writing for the field
QUIZ 10 - Workplans
11 Mon, Oct 31   Lab 9 - Due
Workplan discussed in lab
Wed, Nov 2 Topic: Workplan derived from the site assessment just conducted, discuss air sparging systems, soil vapor extraction systems (Fetter, Ch 9)
12 Mon, Nov 7   Draft workplan - Due
Workplan discussed in lab
Wed, Nov 9 Topic: Air sparging and SVE installation, introduce system design concepts
QUIZ 11 - Air Sparging and SVE systems
 Draft workplan - handed back for revisions
13 Mon, Nov 14   Final Workplan - Due
Lab 10 - Air sparging/SVE system installation lab.
GROUP 5 does tailgate safety meeting
Wed, Nov 16 Topic: Pilot test information, why do you do them, identifying important parameters
GUEST SPEAKER -- Jim Walsh, Principal, Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers.
14 Mon, Nov 21   Lab 10 - Due
Lab 11 - Pilot test lab
GROUP 6 does tailgate safety meeting
Wed, Nov 23 No Class -- Friday schedule for Thanksgiving  
15 Mon, Nov 28 Topic: Discuss pilot testing and final review
QUIZ 12 - Pilot test information
Wed, Nov 30 Topic: Review for final exam Lab 11 - Due
16 Mon, Dec 5   GUEST LECTURE -- Joe Pollara, Newmont Mining, Groundwater case study in Batu Hijau, Indonesia.
Wed, Dec 7 Topic: Course survey questionnaires, review for final  
Exam   Final Exam in accordance with CU Schedule. The exam will use the entire allotted time.