NFEM Exam Material

NFEM Exam Material - Spring 2016

*Take Home Midterm Exam 1. Posted Monday February 22 noon, due Thursday February 25 at class time.
*Midterm Exam 1 Solutions

*Take Home Midterm Exam 2. Posted Monday April 4, due Thursday April 7 at class time.
Useful stuff for Exam 2, in case Mathematica is used as programming language (else use the equations in Addendum I of the exam text) Here is useful stuff in text form, so it will show up on your screen.
Parentheses glitch in Newton correction pseudo-code fixed 4/4/16. Additional glitches fixed and hint for Q1 included 4/5/16

*Take Home Final Exam. Posted Wed April 27 by noon, due on or before Tu May 3 by 5pm.

Final exam log file recording updates and corrections. Please check periodically.

Last update: April 27, 2016.