Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (ASEN 6107) - Spring 2016
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

This is the public web site for the graduate course ASEN 6107: Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (NFEM). This doctoral and master-elective level course is part of the Aerospace Systems Focus Area of the graduate curriculum in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Normally offered every two years during the Spring semester (sometimes with 3 year gaps because of sabbaticals), both on-campus and remotely through CAETE. First taught in 1988. This website dates from 1999 and is continuously being revised. Related courses may be accessed at
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Part I: Fundamentals of Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Chapter 1 Index. Overview. Only briefly covered
Chapter 2 Index. A Tour of Nonlinear Analysis. HW#1 posted, due 1/21 (on-campus), 1/26 (BBA). Solutions posted
Chapter 3 Index. Residual Force Equations. HW#2 posted, due 1/28 (on-campus), solutions posted
Chapter 4 Index. One-Parameter Residual Equations. HW#2 solutions posted
Chapter 5 Index. Critical Points and Related Properties. HW#3 posted, due 2/4; solutions posted
Chapter 6 Index. Conservative Systems. HW#3 solutions posted
Part II: Total Lagrangian, Geometrically Nonlinear Finite Elements
Chapter 7 Index. Review of Continuum Mechanics: Kinematics HW#4 posted, modified 2/8, due 2/11; solutions posted
Chapter 8 Index. Review of Continuum Mechanics: Field Equations. HW#4 solutions posted
Chapter 9 Index. TL Bar Elements: Formulation & Implementation. HW#5 posted, due 2/18; solutions posted
Chapter 10 Index. TL Bar Elements: Truss Analysis. HW#6 posted, due 3/3; solutions posted
Chapter 11 Index. The TL Plane Beam Element: Formulation.
Chapter 12 Index. The TL Plane Beam Element: Implementation. (Exercises for Ch 12 and 16 to be assigned later, intermixed with Solution Methods)
Part III: Corotational, Geometrically Nonlinear Finite Elements
Chapter 13 Index. CR Formulation Overview I.
Chapter 14 Index. CR Formulation Overview II.
Chapter 15 Index. Unified Kinematic Description: Space Bar.
Chapter 16 Index. The CR Formulation: BE Plane Beam.
Chapter 17 Index. Placeholder.
Chapter 18 Index. Placeholder.
Chapter 19 Index. Placeholder.
Part IV: Solution Methods
Chapter 20 Index. Overview of Solution Methods. HW#7 posted, due 3/10; solutions posted
Chapter 21 Index. Purely Incremental Methods: Load Control.
Chapter 22 Index. Purely Incremental Methods: General Control. HW#8 posted, due 4/3; solutions posted
Chapter 23 Index. Purely Incremental Methods: Implementation. To be finished.
Chapter 24 Index. Purely Incremental Methods: Benchmark Examples. Under construction.
Chapter 25 Index. Conventional Newton Methods. Under complete renovation; dont print yet. HW#09 posted, due 3/31; solutions posted
Chapter 26 Index. Newton Methods: General Control and Variants. To be rewritten.
Chapter 27 Index. Corrective Methods: Implementation. Under construction.
Part V: Structural Stability
Chapter 28 Index. Structural Stability: Basic Concepts.
Chapter 29 Index. Linearized Prebuckling: Formulation. HW#10 posted, due 4/14; solutions posted
Chapter 30 Index. Linearized Prebuckling: Implementation.
Chapter 31 Index. Linearized Prebuckling: Examples and Limitations. HW#10 solutions posted
Chapter 32 Index. Qualitative Analysis of Critical Points.
Chapter 33 Index. Nonlinear Bifurcation Analysis. HW#11 posted, due 4/21; solutions posted
Chapter 34 Index. Imperfections. HW#11 solutions posted
Chapter 35 Index. Nonconservative Loading: Overview. HW#12 posted, due 4/28; solutions posted
Chapter 36 Index. Aero- and Hydrodynamic Loading. HW#12 solutions posted.
Chapter 37 Index. Dynamic Stability: Formulation.
Chapter 38 Index. Dynamic Stability: Examples. HW#12 solutions posted.
Appendix A Index. The Mathematics of Finite Rotations.
Appendix B Index. Matrices for EICR Formulation.
Appendix C Index. Choice of Best CR Fit Frame.
Appendix D Index. CR Nomenclature.
Appendix H Index. The C1 TL Beam.
Appendix S Index. Accelerators and Line Search.
Appendix T Index. Detecting and Traversing Critical Points.
Appendix R Index. References.

Old Chapters No Longer Covered
Old Chapter 10 Index. Not to be covered.
Old Chapter 11 Index. Not to be covered.

Exam Material
Exam Material Index. Midterm 1 posted Feb 22 noon, due Feb 25 at class.
Midterm 2 posted April 4 noon, due April 7 at class.
Final Exam posted Wed April 27 noon.

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