IFEM Chapter 4 Index

*Chapter 4: Analysis of Example Truss by a CAS. Procedure to get Mathematica 10.0 from OIT (free campus license) outlined in Figure 1. Also in the front PPT slides..

*Chapter 4: CAETE Slides (PPT). How to get Mathematica for free & recommended tutorial presented in the front slides.
*Chapter 4: CAETE PDF Slides. Omits the "how to get mathematica" initial PPT slides.

*OIT site licensing page on Mathematica. Technical details are explained there. Note: site address changed during summer 2011 following renaming of ITS (Information Technology Services) as OIT (Office of Information Technology)

Mathematica 4.2 Notebook for Chapter 4 exercises: ExampleTruss.nb. If you have problems downloading that file, click on this one: *ExampleTruss.txt. Please read the top cell for instructions on how to quickly check the downloaded file.

*HW Assignment #2. Due Th September 10, 2014, for on-campus students; September 17 for BBA students.

*HW Assignment #2 Solutions for Chapter 4.

Last update: September 23, 2015.