IFEM Chapter 2 Index

IFEM Chapter 2 Index

*Chapter 2: The Direct Stiffness Method I . Renovated January 9, 2012.

*Chapter 2: CAETE Slides (PDF) and *Chapter 2: CAETE Slides (PPT). Updated Aug 25, 2014. Note: for the PowerPoint version, scroll down IFEM home page to "CAETE PPT files" and download the PPT file for Chapter 2. The PPT version contains the course introductory slides. The PDF version does not, but can be viewed online.

*HW Assignment #1 (Chapters 2-3), due Thursday Sep 4 for on-campus students; due Sep 11 for CAETE students for CAETE students.
Please follow these HW preparation guidelines. (Also given on the back of the HW #1 assignment sheet). In particular, restate HW question (at least briefly) to help grading.

HW Assignment #1 Solutions for Chapter 2.

Last update: September 10, 2014.