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Biomedical and Biochemical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science

Bioengineering integrates the physical, chemical, and life sciences with the principles of engineering and mathematics for a range of applications concerning biology, ecology and human health. An engineer's ability to design and analyze systems provides a solid foundation for studying living organisms and how they interact with their surroundings -- whether during a controlled bioprocess, within the human body, in our planet's natural ecosystems, or under the weightless conditions of space flight.

The CU-Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science has adopted this rapidly emerging field as one of five initiatives in research and education. Numerous faculty members at CU are active in bioengineering instruction and research, and offer many exciting opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to become involved in this multidisciplinary profession.

Although there is currently not a separate department of Bioengineering at CU, various arrangements are available for augmenting degrees obtained in the traditional disciplines of Aerospace, Chemical and Biological, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students who want to pursue a career in bioengineering should first choose a home department for their primary undergraduate or graduate studies, then develop an academic plan incorporating elective classes that best align with their individual interests in this broad field.

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