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Household Hazardous Waste

Many products used in the home, garden, garage and hobby shop contain hazardous ingredients and need to be disposed of safely!

Don't put it down the drain or in the trash, Boulder County will dispose of your household haz waste for free. Anything that is:

  • Toxic (rat poison, pesticides, bleach)
  • Flammable (lighter fluid, paint remover)
  • Corrosive (oven and drain cleaner)

Contact the county site for hours of operation, driving directions and any other questions you may have. They have a list of items they do and do not accept, and tips on reducing your waste.

These household haz wastes cannot be accepted by EH&S's chemical hazardous waste program.

CDPHE "Hazardous Wastes from your home"

Water Intrusion & Flood

Water Quality


Radon levels have been tested throughout the UCB campus. For information, call EH&S Health Physics/Radiation Safety at 303-492-6025 or email