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Laboratory Safety (Labs/Shops/Studio)

You can reference data specific to chemicals you may have in your lab or shop in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and maintain and update your chemical inventory through our Chemical Inventory Management site.

Valuable, detailed guidelines pertaining to laboratory worker-health and safety practices and the management of hazardous wastes will be found in the Generators' Guide to Hazardous Waste and other guidance documents found on these pages.

Hazardous Chemical Management

Chemical Inventory Management System

Hazardous Waste Management FAQ

Laboratory Safety Guidelines

Laboratory Chemical Safety Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Satellite Accumulation Area Log

Generators' Guide to Hazardous Material / Waste Management

Glove Protection and Selection Guide

Fume Hoods Q&A

Cylinder use & management

Hydrogen Fluoride/Hydrofluoric Acid Guidelines

Hydrogen Fluoride/Hydrofluoric Acid Questionnaire

Hazardous Waste Management Policy


Chemical Waste Minimization and Treatment Facility

Grant Protocols Facility Safety Plan and Compliance/Safety Assurance

Some funding agencies require consultation and pre-approval of general safety protocols and committee approvals that will be in place during the research, as well as assurances from the Safety Manager of the institution that a proper safety program is in place on campus. EH&S acts in this capacity to review and approve safety protocols for grants when needed. Please contact EH&S at 303-492-6025 for inquiries or questions.