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Institutional biosafety committee (IBC)

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for reviewing all University research and teaching activities involving the use of biohazards, recombinant DNA molecules, select agents, or bloodborne pathogens whether the activities are carried out on campus or off campus (usually under other Institutional Biosafety Committees).

The IBC meets regularly (at a minimum once every other month). If you would like information regarding upcoming meeting dates and times, please contact

The IBC will review and authorize for 3 years, research involving: any biological agents, infected animals or tissues (including field work), recombinant DNA, Select Agents & Toxins, and work with human blood, bodily fluids, tissues or cells in culture. Most biological research requires IBC authorization prior to initiation.

All questions and inquiries can be made at or by contacting Environmental Health & Safety at 303-492-6025.

IBC Biosafety Application (MS Word document)

IBC Biosafety Application Update Form (MS Word document)

NIH Basis for Classification of Biohazards Agents by Risk Group

IBC Lab Requirements for BL1 and BL2 Containment

Select Agents

Guidance Document for Select Agents

Select Agent List

Annual Exempt Quantities Select Agent Toxin Checklist