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Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety (Health Physics) Unit oversees the safe and responsible use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines. Its staff investigates incidents, monitors research activity using radioisotopes and initiates policy via the Radiation Safety Committee.

Services provided by the Radiation Safety / Health Physics Unit at EH&S include:

  • Radiation Safety Programs, Inspections
  • Contamination and Exposure Surveys
  • Mixed Waste (Radioactive and Chemical)
  • Non-ionizing Radiation (EMF, ELF, Microwaves, Lasers)
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring
  • Radiation Producing Equipment Inspections (X-ray)
  • Licensing for use of Radioactive Materials
  • Calibration of radiation detection meters
  • Radioactive waste pick-up & processing
  • Sealed Sources – leak testing, inventory, receipt & disposal

Security of Radioactive Materials Memo - June, 2014

Information for Pregnant Radiation Workers