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Official Waste Containers for Radioactive Waste

Carrie Romanchek samples radioactive liquid waste.

These containers are available from Health Physics and are the only approved containers for use with radioactive materials at the University. Full containers are replaced with empty ones when they are picked up.

Wondering when your waste will be picked up?

If you send in a Radioactive Waste Pickup Request prior to noon on Tuesday, your waste will most likely be picked up on the next Wednesday morning. Remember, the form must be in our office by noon of the business day before the scheduled pick-up. Occasionally changes are made to the waste pickup schedule due to weather or time constraints. These changes are communicated to Licensees and Radiation Safety lab contacts via e-mail.

If you have submitted a Radioactive Waste Pickup Request and your waste was not picked up as scheduled, please check to make sure that the Container Contents sheets on your container(s) was properly filled out. Health Physics can NOT pick up radioactive waste without a signature, date and wipe test results recorded on the Container Contents Sheet.

Another common problem that results in containers not being picked up as scheduled is incomplete information on the Waste Pickup Request. Please make sure to complete all fields on the Radioactive Waste Request form and remember that liquid waste requires a percentage equalling 100% of all constituents. Chemical names must be written out (no chemical formulas) and pH must be recorded prior to pick up.

Please call Health Physics at (303) 492-6523 if you have any questions about getting your waste picked up.

Request a waste pickup online.

Download a Waste Pickup Request to fill out and submit via fax or mail.

Download a sample Radioactive Waste Pickup Request.

Having trouble picturing the different waste container sizes and shapes available?


Click on the image to see the Twenty gallon Solid container.

Click on the image to see the Five gallon Solid container.


Click on the image to see the Five gallon (20 liter) Liquid container.

Click on the image to see the One gallon (4 liter) Liquid container.

Scintillation Vials:

Click on the image to see the Five gallon Scintillation Vial container. (Must distinguish on form whether your cocktail is non-biodegradable or biodegradable.

Radioactive Sharps:

Click on the image to see the Radioactive Sharps container.