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EH&S Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

EH&S Mission:

EH&S is committed to supporting UCB's core mission of research, teaching and service. EH&S provides comprehensive environmental, health and occupational safety services in order to maintain high standards of health and safety for laboratories, classrooms and work areas. By these means, EH&S helps create a safe, supportive environment in which students, faculty and workers can achieve the inspiring goals of leadership and scholarship that will lead the UCB campus through the 21st century. EH&S accomplishes this through training, consultation and partnering with members of the campus community as well as with local, state and federal regulators.

The EH&S mission is to maintain a safe work and learning environment, ensure regulatory compliance, and recognize and control health and safety hazards.

EH&S Vision:

  • we give quality service at all times.
  • we carry out our responsibilities with knowledgeable professionalism.
  • we provide creative and innovative solutions.
  • we show appreciation to all employees and work to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • we are accountable not only to the UCB community, but also to the surrounding Boulder communities.
  • we strive to be recognized leaders in our University's educational mission.