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microMORPH 2011 Workshop

Microevolution of Development: processes within populations and species

This workshop was held at the University of Colorado at Boulder on April 22-24, 2011 and focused on developmental evolution within the context of microevolutionary dynamics. The workshop included conceptual overviews, reports of ongoing research, and explored future research agendas. Students and faculty gave research presentations. Discussion sessions were interspersed with the research talks and covered such topics as analysis of natural variation in developmental phenotypes, tools for use with both model and non-model systems, and other approaches to explore the interacting dynamics of evolutionary and developmental processes at the intra- and inter-specific level.

Presenting Faculty
* also on the microMORPH Steering Committee

Presenting Students

Attending microMORPH Steering Committee Members

William (ned) Friedman, Harvard University Arnold Arboretum
Pamela Diggle, University of Colorado at Boulder
Amy Litt, New York Botanical Garden
Joe Williams, University of Tennessee
Larry Hufford, Washington State University