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Symposia and Workshops

Annual workshops will provide opportunities for groups of graduate students and faculty investigators to interact.  microMORPH will pay all travel, food, registration, and accommodation costs for selected post-doctoral and PhD students. The goal is to integrate concepts and approaches from molecular, organismic, systematic and evolutionary ecological perspectives to address current problems associated with the study of the evolution of plant form.  Leading faculty and graduate student scholars will give presentations on critical concepts, intellectual objectives, emerging technologies, and analytical approaches that have the potential to advance the discipline.  There will be discussion following each presentation and extensive analysis of “best approaches” and potential challenges for research that integrates different levels of biological organization.  These workshops will provide students and faculty with unique opportunities for one-on-one and small group interactions. 

Our 2011 workshop focused on "Microevolution of Development: processes within populations and species." Check out the participants and speakers here!

We just finished our second annual workshop, "Microevolution of Floral Function" at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. Check out the participants and speakers here!

Coming soon: The 2013 workshop on Phenotypic Plasticity.