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Inaki Hormaza
Inaki Hormaza
La Mayora Experimental Station in Malaga, Spain
Department of Subtropical Pomology

Research Interests:

Research work in our group uses a multidisciplinary approach towards finding solutions to the existing and potential problems that arise in an effective sustainable utilization of genetic resources to optimize production in subtropical fruit tree species.

In the field of reproductive biology our objective is to deepen in our understanding of the reproductive strategies of different subtropical fruit tree species to optimize fruit set and yield using the natural strategies of the plant. The work is mainly centered in three main topics:

a) Flower development and pollination;
b) Pollen-pistil interaction;
c) Fruit set and initial fruit development.

The work is mainly focused on cherimoya, avocado and mango. Both cherimoya and avocado show a dichogamy mechanism that favors cross-pollination and that has a direct effect on final production. This objective has a clear practical application since fruit set depends directly on the processes that take place during the progamic phase. Moreover, both cherimoya and avocado are members of the Magnoliid clade among the early divergent angiosperms and research on reproductive biology in these species have evolutionary implications far beyond the practical applications for optimizing production.