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April Randle
April Randle
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado, Boulder

Principle Investigator: Pamela Diggle

Research Interests:

For my post-doctoral research, I am using a comparative approach to examine the relative contribution of sex and floral architecture to floral size differences across 8 species of Apiaceae that differ in their sexual systems (e.g., hermaphroditic, weakly andromonoecious, and stongly andromonoecious). Together, Dr. Diggle and I will examine the prevalence of architectural effects and the relative contribution of sex differences and architectural effects to flower size across species.

I am also interested in understanding the factors that contribute to the origin and maintenance of species, and in elucidating the mechanisms that influence species' distributions. For my dissertation, I combined field and laboratory experiments, a robust molecular phylogeny, and species distribution data from herbaria to test a series of hypotheses that address variation in the distribution of species, and the evolution and maintenance of reproductive isolating barriers. These are key components for understanding speciation.