Welcome to the Johnson Lab!

Our research focuses on two pervasive and inter-related forms of biological change: disease emergence and species invasions. Both have important consequences not only for individuals and populations, but for entire ecological communities and ecosystem processes. Invasions and disease can also have costly economic and health repercussions for human society.

Current research within the Johnson Lab is directed toward three, inter-related focal questions:

1. What are the drivers of disease emergence and species invasions in aquatic ecosystems?

2. How do parasites and pathogens influence community (e.g., competition, predation) and ecosystem-level processes (e.g., food web structure, primary production)?

3. In what ways does human activity, including climate change, pollution, and biodiversity losses, modify these relationships and the probability of disease emergence or biological invasion?

Our group strives to bring a broad perspective to these questions by combining experiments, large-scale spatial and temporal field data, molecular tools and ecological modeling.

Dr. Pieter Johnson
Associate Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
N122, CB334 University of Colorado
Boulder, CO,
(303) 492-5623 (ph)
(303) 492-8699

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