A kingdom of algae containing chromosome c but not all members are photosynthetic. Because of their chlorophyll, they exhibit a brown or golden color (Waggoner, 1995)

Hexamita spp. (synonym of Spironucleus spp.)–

Taxonomy: Kingdom Chromista, Phylum Ochrophyta, Class Hexamitophyceae, No assigned order, Family Hexamitaceae, Genus Hexamita

Description (by Marquardt, Demaree, & Grieve, 2000): Pyriform, bilaterally symmetrical with eight flagella all coming from basal bodies in the anterior end; six exit anteriorly and two exit posteriorly. Additionally, axal rods run the length of the organism. There are two nuclei located at the anterior end and are round or ellipsoid and have large endosomes. They are about 9 x 3 µm.

Lifecycle: Trophozoites and cysts are passed through feces into water where they are then taken up again by a definitive host (mammals) or reservoir hosts (small mammals to amphibians and reptiles) (Schmidt, 1992).

Pathology: Unknown

Location and Lifestage in Frog: Small intestines as adults (Schmidt & Roberts, 1989).

(López-Ochoterena, Madraz Garibay and Pérez-Reyes, 1987)