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Brett Melbourne (biosketch)

Asst. Professor

2008-present. Dept Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado Boulder.

Proj. Scientist

2006-2008. Dept Environmental Science & Policy, University of California Davis.


2005-2006. Dept of Evolution & Ecology, University of California Davis.


2002-2005. Center for Population Biology, University of California Davis.


2001-2002. CSIRO Wildlife & Ecology, Australia.


PhD, 2001. Australian National University. Theoretical ecology.


B.Sc. (1st class honours, University Medal), 1993. Australian National University.

Undergraduate students

I strongly encourage undergraduate students to seek out opportunities for research experience. I've had 24 undergraduate students through my lab to experience cutting-edge ecological research first hand. Most have gone on to graduate school or professional positions in fields as wide ranging as medicine, veterinary research, forensics, entomology, environmental law and applied math. Current students: Alexendra Cline, Genevieve Dabrowski, Gavin Dean, Erin Polka, Steven Wells, Thomas Wong. Alumni Sally Voyles, Frances Drachenberg, (UC Davis alumni): David Smith, Motoki Wu, Claire Koenig, Roselia Villalobos, Mike Scaffidi, Tom McCabe, Michelle Gibson, Nancy Tcheou, Dylan Hodgkiss, Devan Paulus, Scott Ibaraki, Samaresh Kowshik, Drew Saruwatari, Trisha Deb, Jennifer Piekut, Sophia Chu, Jennifer Wolf.
Exciting research opportunities in conservation biology for Spring 2015.

Graduate students

My lab is full at this time but if you believe you have a compelling case ...

Instructions to applicants.