What the examiners said about my PhD thesis

The policy of the Australian National University is that examiner's comments should remain anonymous to the PhD candidate, unless indicated by the examiner. I had three examiners: Prof. Scott Cooper (University of California, Santa Barbara), Prof. Mary Power (University of California, Berkeley), Prof. Hugh Possingham (University of Queensland).

Examiner 1

"In short, this thesis represents a significant advance in our understanding of the mechanisms that produce scale dependence in ecological responses."

"The major strength of this thesis is that the candidate has developed a cohesive, focussed approach for predicting population dynamics at large spatial scales from measurements made at smaller spatial scales."

"Modeling activities, observations, and field experiments are integrated tightly and it is a pleasure to read a thesis where all parts are focussed on a cohesive goal."

Examiner 2

"This dissertation is a gem of careful science, lucid prose, and clear exciting ideas."

"Congratulations on a remarkably lucid, scholarly, up-to-date, and beautifully written explanation of the scale transition for ecology. ... I was extremely impressed with the clarity of your explanation of the equations and illustrations of how they might apply in nature."

Examiner 3

"Both the candidate and the supervisors deserve congratulation. Few candidates would have such a well-constructed research program."

"Chapter 5 shows some modern ecology at its best - fitting alternative models to well-collected data."

"Overall the presentation is first class - a delight to read."