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I teach and have taught a variety of courses in both the Museum and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, including General Biology, Insect Biology, Chemical Ecology and Collections Management; as well as a variety of graduate seminars.  I also collaborate in running a weekly discussion group on Plant-Animal Interactions.  The syllabi for the two classes I have taught most recently (Collections Management and Insect Biology) are available below.

Insect Biology

Course Objectives: The goal of this course is to develop your  understanding, enthusiasm about, and enjoyment of insect biology. Throughout the semester, we will examine insect morphology, physiology and development in order to develop a context for understanding insect ecology, behavior and evolution.  The laboratory will focus on learning insect identification; techniques for collecting, mounting and labeling insects; insect morphology and evolutionary relationships. 

Insect Biology Syllabus, 2008

Collections Management

Course Objectives: Collections management is an area of specialization within the museum profession that encompasses a wide range of activities. It includes conservation, registration, collecting and acquiring material, project management, administration, development of policy and procedure, fundraising, and compliance with local, state, national and international laws, treaties, and regulations. Collection managers and registrars work with directors, curators, educators, students and volunteers to manage collections and integrate collections management with other

museum operations.

    This course will cover a variety of topics related to collections and the management of collections. We will cover collecting and collection policies, processing of incoming and outgoing material, organization and storage, environment and security, regulations related to collecting, and databasing of collections.

Museum Collections Syllabus, 2007


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