Graduate Students


Laboratory Alumni

The Deane Bowers Lab Group

at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Mary Jamieson - Presently a post-doctoral researcher at Colorado State University - E-mail

Broadly, I am interested in the fields of community ecology and conservation biology. More specifically, my research interests involve the investigation of species interactions at multiple trophic levels and how these interactions are affected by anthropogenic environmental change, such as the invasion of non-native plants, increased nitrogen deposition, and habitat fragmentation. Currently, I am conducting research that examines the effects of nitrogen deposition on the chemical mediation of plant-herbivore and predatory-prey interactions. The focal study organisms for this research are an invasive plant (Linaria dalmatica) and a biological control insect (Calophasia lunula) that has been introduced for the management of this species.


Jeff McClenahan

The focus of my Master's thesis is to understand how habitat fragmentation due to suburbanization affects insect communities, especially grasshoppers.  I am also interested in how  fragment size affects these insect communities.


Jessica Vargas - Presently enrolled in medical school at the University of the Dominican Republic

My research interests are in how parasitoids and the encapsulation process in caterpillars are affected by the diet of the caterpillars and their developmental stage.


Kasey Barton - Presently an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa