Aridlands Members

Nichole and her kids


Nichole Barger, Principle Investigator
Phone (303) 492 - 8239

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests -- As an ecosystem ecologist my research mission is to better understand the fundamental ecological processes that influence the structure and function of dryland ecosystems and the resilience of these ecosystems to anthropogenic and natural disturbance.



Lindsay Young, Lab Manager
Phone (303) 818 - 8379


Research Interests --Lindsay is interested in ecology and water resource management in the west. She currently manages the NRI funded study in Utah, looking at Pinyon-Juniper woodland restoration and mitigation strategies. This summer she will work on the Southern Colorado project studying how climate change effects tree growth on arid lands. Future plans include work with municipal water resources.



Miranda Redmond, Ph.D. Student
Phone (303) 492 1858

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests -- Miranda has participated in a broad range of research projects focused on understanding ecosystems to develop better management practices. These include examining the consequences of phenotypic variation within populations, the effects of climate change on species distributions, the outcomes of species interactions within forest communities, and the role of disease in amphibian communities. Currently, Miranda is examining the vulnerability of Pinyon Pine to increased drought on the Colorado Plateau.J



Taryn Morris, Ph.D. Student
Phone (303) 492 - 1858

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests -- Taryn, an international student from South Africa, completed her Masters working on recovery of natural vegetation after clearing of alien plants in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. She will be working on nutrient cycling in the Cape Floristic region of South Africa - one of the top ten biodiversity hotspots of the world.



Elizabeth Golden, Undergraduate Lab Assistant


Research Interests -- Hailing from Rawlins, WY, I have worked and traveled extensively in various National Parks, Forests, and other exceptional places. I have since returned to school to pursue degrees in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Geography. I am interested in researching structure and distribution of soil microbial communities in alpine ecosystems, especially in response to anthropogenic induced change. I intend to gain the skills and knowledge to apply for a graduate school position and pursue a career in ecological research.

Mathew Sharples


Mathew Sharples, Undergraduate Lab Assistant


Research Interests -- Mathew is a Massachusetts native with a Bachelor's in English Literature. Mathew moved to Colorado after being inspired by some of the West's extensive wildlands. Now, he studies Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with a particular interest in Kingdom Plantae. He wishes to take this interest into graduate-level studies relating to disturbance ecology, floristics, and plant phylogenetics.

Andrew Carroll


Andrew Carroll, Undergraduate Lab Assistant


Research Interests -- I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado and have always found the natural world around us to be fascinating. I'm majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology along with environmental science and am very interested in the relationship between the cycles and chemistry of soils and how they effect the makeup of ecosystems. After graduation I would like to take some time off to do environmental related work, and then return for graduate school.

Scott Clingan


Kayla O'Hara-Reyna, Undergraduate Lab Assistant

Kayla O'Hara-Reyna


Research Interests -- Kayla O'Hara-Reyna is a Colorado native, majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Over the last year she has conducted various lab based methods for calculating the erosional effects and inorganic carbon cycling following land use change in aridland ecosystems, measuring chlorophyll A in biological soil crusts, and using aerial photography to collect data on vegetation patterning of mima like mounds.

Scott Clingan


Scott Clingan, Undergraduate Lab Assistant


Research Interests -- Scott has returned to school to pursue a career in natural resource management. He is currently working on a soil nutrient analysis project to help evaluate management techniques of the P-J ecosystem.



Sofie Holmgren, GIS technician


Research Interests -- Sofie formerly worked for the National Land Survey of Sweden in Stockholm. As a member of the Barger lab, Sofie is interested in using GIS applications as a way to improve field based research projects.

Former Lab Members:

Sarah Castle, now at the Soil Biochemistry Lab , University of Montana, College of Foresty and Conservation

Cody Flagg, now at the Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory, University of Colorado, Boulder

Jane Zelikova, now at Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center, University of Wyoming

Matt Ross, now a PhD student at Duke University

Alisha Mercer, Undergraduate studies at UC Denver

Andrew Habig, Graduated EBIO, May 2011

Amanda Ochs, Heidi Guenther, Conor Morrison, Laura Schafenacker, Jeff Morton, Maegan McKee, Matt Peoples, Bryan Todd, Stephanie Shepard, Jessica Mullins