General Biology Lab II

EBIO 1240, Spring

Official Policy on Lab Attendance

1. Attendance in lab is required. Missed labs or exams cannot be made up after the week of the missed lab.

2. If you get sick the day of a lab contact your TA as soon as you can. For many of the labs arrangements can be made to make up the lab at some other time during the week. If you wait until your next lab day to contact anyone, it will be counted as an unexcused absence.

3. If you cannot attend a lab, you must file an "Application for an Excused Absence" and give it to your TA.

4. Students who receive an excused absence will still be responsible for material covered in the lab. In the following lab, you will still need to take the same quiz as the other students.

5. Students with unexcused absences will receive a 0 for the quiz and lab report for that day.

6. Students receiving an excused absence will be pro-rated for the points they miss. In other words, students will have less points at the end of the semester and their grades will be based on a percentage.

7. Any student switching lab sections without prior approval of the TA involved, or the course instructor, may be denied entry to the alternate section at the discretion of the TA to avoid over-crowding and may be penalized five points.