University of Colorado at Boulder

Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2016
Behavior, Ecology & Evolution

Participant Application Form


A complete application includes:

* The electronic application form (below)

* Two letters of recommendation. It is STRONGLY PREFERRED that letters of recommendation be sent electronically (as an email attachment or in the body of an email) directly from the referee to the REU program coordinator (letters should be sent to:, with the applicant's name in the subject line). However, letters of recommendation can also be mailed. If letters are mailed, the referee should place the letter in a signed, sealed envelope.

* An academic transcript, preferably submitted electronically from your Registrars office. An unofficial (non-sealed) transcript is okay, but unofficial transcripts must come from the Registrar's Office of your undergraduate institution; you CAN NOT type out your transcript yourself. Transcripts should be sent to or mailed to the address below. If you are also mailing letters of recommendation, place transcript and letters of recommendation in a single envelope.

Evaluations will begin on Friday, February 26th, 2016, but applications will be accepted after that date until we have chosen all of our participants.
NB: You must be currently enrolled at an undergraduate institution to be eligible for the REU program (i.e. you cannot have graduated this semester).

Send letters of recommendation and transcript to:

(if via snail mail:)
Dr. Bill  Bowman
Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCB 334
Ramaley N122
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0334

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants must be in adequate physical condition to live at the Station's elevation (9500 feet) and to participate in hikes and activities at this elevation. For nearly all students, there are no difficulties beyond needing a few days of acclimation. If you have a history of heart or lung problems, or have other physical conditions which might limit your ability to participate, you may wish to consult with your physician before applying.

Electronic application form:
1. Name: 
2. Current College or University:
3. Email: (very important, all subsequent communication will be via email)
4. Street Address (School):
5. Phone (at School):
6. Permanent Street Address (if different from School):
7. Permanent Phone (if different from above):
8. Expected Date of Graduation:
9. Gender (optional):
10. Ethnic/Racial affiliation (optional):
11. Choose, in order of preference, the research advisor(s) with whom you would like to work. Note that this listing is key in our evaluation of applications. Please consider your choice of potential mentors/research topics carefully:
12. By checking this box, I certify that I am a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident:
13. In the space below, please type or paste a one page (< 500 words) statement describing your areas of interest in biology and what helped shape these interests, your reasons for wanting to participate in this program and what you hope to gain, your previous experience in research (if any), and your career goals. Please indicate if you previously participated in another REU program. You may enter text directly or cut and paste from a word processing program. Be aware, that some formatting may be lost if you use the latter option. Most student's essays are about 250 words:

If the application form is accidentally submitted without all the required information, you may fill out the form again and resubmit.