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Mountain Research Station REU Program Faculty

2010 group at D1

Faculty Member Research Interests (please see faculty web pages for more complete descriptions)
Dr. Holly Barnard Effect of vegetation processes on water flow dynamics and pathways in soil and streams, and their influence vegetation function in mountainous terrain.
Dr. Bill Bowman Plant ecology, alpine ecology, ecosystems science
Dr. Michael Breed Social behavior of insects, kin recognition system of honey bees, nest defense in honey bees, and social biology of the giant tropical ant
Dr. Dan Doak Conservation biology, population biology, organismal interactions
Dr. Noah Fierer Ecology of microbial communities and their influence on terrestrial ecosystems
Dr. Pieter Johnson Disease ecology and invasive species in aquatic environments
Dr. Lara Kueppers
(University of California, Merced) Ecological impacts and ecosystem feedbacks to climate change
Dr. Diane McKnight Limnology, biogeochemistry of lakes and streams
Dr. Cesar Nufio Insect ecology, the influence of climate change on insect diversity and phenology
Dr. Tim Seastedt Terrestrial ecosystem science, soil ecology, invasive species
Dr. Katie Suding (University of California, Berkeley) Plant community ecology, plant-soil interactions, global change
Dr. Tom Veblen Forest ecology, especially the role of disturbance in forest dynamics
Dr. Brett Woods (University of Wisconsin) Dynamics of reproductive success and food resource availability in populations of yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)