Fierer Lab Group





Contact Info.



Office Phone (Fierer): 303-492-5615
Lab Phone: 303-492-2099
Office/Lab Locations: Noah's office: CIRES Rm. 215, on the 2nd floor of the CIRES building  (see map) overlooking the sidewalk that divides the chemistry buildings. To get there, take the stairs that are on your left as you enter the CIRES atrium. Go up to the 2nd floor, make 2 right turns and walk down the long hallway. The office is in the middle of the hallway on your right.

Student/Postdoc offices: CIRES Rooms 202 and 209.

Laboratory: CIRES Rm. E256 (2nd floor, overlooking the CIRES atrium)
Mailing Address: University of Colorado at Boulder, 216 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0216
Shipping Address: University of Colorado at Boulder, Rm. 318 - CIRES Bldg., Boulder, CO 80309