I am a current undergraduate student at CU-Boulder. Can I change my major to education?

No, the teacher licensure program is not a major program at CU Boulder.  It is a program that you can apply for and participate in, in addition to your current major at CU Boulder. The licensure program will include 37-42 Education credits in addition to your current major at CU Boulder.

I want to transfer to the University of Colorado Boulder and start the licensure program. What is the process?

You cannot transfer directly to the teacher licensure program at CU Boulder.  You must first apply to CU Boulder and choose a baccalaureate program and major.  If you are accepted to CU Boulder, you may then apply to the undergraduate teacher licensure program and possibly start the licensure program the second semester you attend CU.

Where can I get Youth Experience?

Youth experience does not need to be in a classroom. The two important criteria are that the work is done in a leadership capacity (not just as an observer) and that it is within the proper age group. Therefore, many opportunities are available. You can coach a sport, be a camp counselor, tutor one or more students, lead a pack on an outdoor trek, etc.

What if my Youth Experience isn’t finished by the time I apply?

Your youth experience hours can be “in progress” or, if you haven’t started them yet, you can submit a letter of intent describing what your plans are for completing the youth experience hours. They must be finished by the date of the orientation for the School of Education, so generally you have several months after submitting your application for those hours to be completed.

How much does the program cost?

Tuition and fee rates change frequently. Please refer to the Bursar’s website; the Bill Estimator tool will help you calculate the cost of the program. Undergraduate and Post-BA candidates are assessed tuition and fees at the undergraduate level for the College of Arts & Sciences. Tuition and fees for the Master’s Plus Licensure program will be assessed at the graduate level for the College of Arts & Sciences.