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Throughout the Nation

Learning Assistant Program replication

Valerie Otero

Math-Science Partnership Collaboratory

Bill Penuel
CU-Boulder is working with The Exploratorium, the Education Development Center, Inverness Research, TERC, and the University of Washington to form a Research+Practice (R+P) Collaboratory. The Collaboratory seeks to address and reframe the gap between research and practice in K-12 STEM education.

Computational Thinking for Teaching Computing

David Webb, Kris Gutiérrez
Computational Thinking for Teaching Computing (CT4TC) explores the influence of mediation as a pedagogical scaffolding approach employed by teachers to implement Scalable Game Design curriculum, and assesses the subsequent impact of mediation on student motivation, performance and ownership. Through CT4TC and related projects the Scalable Game Design curriculum has been used by over 200 teachers and 10,000+ students across the United States.

Around the World

Learning Assistant Alliance

Valerie Otero

Freudenthal Institute US

David Webb
Freudenthal Institute US is the sole branch of the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education. FIUS supports a comprehensive network of collaborating researchers, teachers and designers, including design research activities that support curriculum development, professional development, teachers' classroom assessment practices, and the design of learning trajectories to classroom materials for students, teachers and parents.