Vincent Torres

Education Minor Program Ambassador, Ed Minor


With my degree from CU-Boulder, I plan on supplementing my hometown and youth with endless opportunities so that they can all be able to experience the things I have and see the sights that I have. I plan on taking the educational burden off of the whole town of Commerce City and bringing it to full strength once again like I know is possible.

I always have been fascinated with education but it wasn't until I got up here that my interest skyrocketed and I realized how much help my hometown needs and how important I was to the success of Commerce City. Realizing so many kids growing up in a similar position as mine will grow up wanting to dream big like I have and wanting to do great things but not being able to breaks my heart. I don't know where I would be if I wasn't blessed. I am on a mission to make all those kids' dreams a reality and take it to new heights. Growing up with so many kids around me that had endless potential not make it strikes me every time. But with my help, I want to see them all fulfill their dreams and live up to their true potential. I want all the kids and community there to be proud of where they reside.