Sara C. Heredia

PhD Candidate, Science Education


Sara Heredia is a PhD candidate in Curriculum & Instruction, Science Education. Her work focuses on teacher learning of science education reform in high-stakes accountability climates, specifically science teachers’ development of classroom assessment practices and their use of data from those assessments to inform instruction. While at the University of Colorado, Sara has served as a research assistant on the ELEvATE project with Dr. Erin Furtak (PI), as well as served as a president of the Student Association of Graduate Educators (2011-2012). She was also a teaching assistant for Classroom Interactions and Language and Literacy across the Curriculum. 

Sara is a former middle school science teacher and her interest in teacher learning in high-stakes accountability contexts stems from her work in low-performing schools in New York City. Prior to coming to the University of Colorado to pursue her doctorate, Sara served as an adjunct lecturer at City College in New York City. She taught Life Science for Middle School Teachers I & II, as well as Curriculum & Instruction in Science and advised students in completing their Master’s theses. 

Sara’s research interests include- teacher learning, classroom assessment, student literacy practices in science, and science literacy.